Sterling Rap Sheets

This was a newsletter for Sterling owners that was sent out in the 70's.
(Thanks to Andrew Chapman who was able to send me all of his issues)

The Old Sterling Central

There was a site maintained by Tim Hoffman between 1995 and 1997 that was called Sterling Central and had some good Sterling info on it. One day the site disappeared and I have been unsucessful with getting in touch with Tim or anyone who has a current e-mail address for him. If anyone knows how to reach him, please contact me.
(Thanks to Steve Cook who had printed all of these pages, and then scanned them back in for me.)
(Note: These are images of the old pages, and therefore do not have working links)

Kit Car - July 1996

Motor Trend - November 1976 (Cover Shot Only)

Newspaper Article on Kits (Unknown Paper)