Sterling Related Sites

  • Nova International is probably the most comprehensive Sterling/Nova website out there. When I built Sterling Central a couple years ago, I intended it to be a place where I could gather as much Sterling information as possible in once place. Nova International, I would say, is an even larger site with more information. It is run by an enthusiast of these cars whom I know through the message boards, so I have faith that the site will be updated regularly.

  • The Club Nova site also has a lot of great information. However, you'll find a lot of the links are broken since the site has moved servers.

    The most interesting things that I've found on the Club Nova site are

  • Another site that I stumbled upon recently is a site built by a guy that worked for California Component Cars during the time they were building the Sterling and Sovran. Its called the Road Rats page.

  • Solid Sterling is the current Sterling distributor for parts and whole cars in the US.

    Solid Sterling is back in production!!!

    Mike McBride, owner of Solid Sterling, had hurt himself a year or two ago and production of Sterlings by him had to pause for a year while he recuperated. I'm very excited to report that Mike has fully recovered and that Solid Sterling is back up and running. I've talked to Mike several times in the last few years. He's a likable person and a true, honest gentleman, and his product is excellent from what I can tell. Please don't hesitate to contact him if you are interested in a new Sterling (or parts). Mike is a good guy.

  • Aerotec is theoretically the current distributor for Novas and Sterlings in the UK. They might currently sell parts for owners of Novas/Sterlings, as well as build new cars. They have put a twist on the old version of the kit, in that their new version is designed for racing, with performance engines and frames built for racing. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether they currently have or are producing anything at this time.

  • Marks Eureka Site. As you may know, the Sterling/Nova is called the Eureka in Australia and New Zealand. This is a really awesome site run by an owner of a Eureka in Australia. It has a great gallery of Eurekas as well as Eureka literature and information on Marks personal car and the work he is doing to it.

  • Matts Eureka site has Eureka model info as well as lots of great scans of original brochures.

  • Purvis Eureka by Dragonthirst is a newer site dedicated to the Purvis Eureka, but also has information on all other occurences of the car (Sterling, Nova). The site is under construction, but already has a wealth of information with great tips from a current Eureka owner and builder, as well as a lot of very useful links. The graphics are pretty cool as well. This site is destined to be one of the best Sterling/Eureka sites out there as it grows.

  • Rare Component Cars. There's some good info on this site, but its tricky to find. In some cases, I had to guess at URLs by changing the text in them until I stumbled upon these pages.
    All of these 3 are great sites and the creator is a brilliant artist.

  • There are several Sterling pages out there created by people who own or have built their own cars, but not too many. Heres a list of the ones I have found.

Kit Car sites

  • seems to be a pretty cool site with a lot of info. I like how they have their classifieds laid out. All in all it looks to be a very complete site that is well laid out.

  • is more of a UK based site. The feature a Sterling on their front page, although the site has info on all types of kits.

  • is also a UK based site. I find the links a bit hard to navigate, but once you figure it out, there is a lot of information there. The site focuses mostly on new kits and information to help builders and buyers.

  • is my personal favorite for all things kits. They are a US based site that covers most of the major shows and has info on most manufacturers and clubs. I like the layout of the site as well.

  • appears to be a new site, but it seems to be headed in a good direction. There isn't much information on there now, but I can see it growing soon.

  • VW Kits is a great site that has a very complete list of VW based kits. One of the great things about the Sterling is it's VW platform. These are other cars that share that feature.

  • Homepage of KitCar Illustrated magazine. Its mostly a website to get you interested in subscribing to the magazine, but there are some articles and useful information on the site.

  • The Original KitCar Online is a real nice site. Pretty well visited too, I believe. Its a site built by an enthusiast, which I always appreciate.

VW Related Sites

  • Kennedy Engineering makes adapter plates for all VW transmissions. This will allow you to put just about any type of motor in to a Sterling or other VW based kit car. Anything from an import 4 cylinder turbo engine to a big block V8 or rotory.

  • seems to be a pretty thourough VW Bug/Bus site. I like the personal touches on the site. There are tech tips and notes from the site owners on what each part does and if its right for what you're trying to do.

  • is more of just a links site, but their list of VW parts vendors is pretty big, and they also have a VW-Shop locator that seems to have a listing of every VW shop around. It worked well for my local area and a few others that I tried.

  • AVP Engines has VW Aircooled engines and parts.

  • Sean Bartniks VW repair tips is an awesome site with simple to read and undertand directions on how to do most routine repairs on VW motors and systems.

  • Shop Talk Forums is a strictly air-cooled VW message baord, and has some of the BEST info I have ever found on VW's.

  • VW Superstore has about the largest on-line catalog of parts I have been able to find. Much better than in my opinion.

Fiberglassing Resources

  • Fibre Glast is a manufacturer of Fiberglass products who has graciously put up loads of tech info on their website under the "Info Center" section. Theres a lot uf useful information on working with fiberglass, making molds and loads of other information on different types of fiberglassing materials.

Mailing Lists

  • There are not too many good mailing lists out there for kit cars. In fact, I've really only found one, and its at called kitcar. If you have never been to eGroups before, you'll have to go and set up a free account, and then find the mailing list titled kitcar. There is also another one titled kit_cars, which is not nearly as good, and in not really worth signing up for in my opinion. There are about 6 or 7 Sterling owners on the kitcar list.


    I get a kickback on magazines sold through this site, but only if I sell something like 33 subscriptions in a month. I'm not going to hold my breath for that to happen. :-) But I figured I'd leave them up all the same in case someone is interested in subscribing.

    Kit Car Automotive Rebuilder Car and Driver Car Stereo Review Road & Track

Please let me know if you have any links that you think would be of interest. I'm trying to confine the list of links to those that deal with Sterlings or those that deal with kit cars in general. Even systems of Sterlings such as VW links or fiberglassing resources would be great. But, for example, I'd rather not link to a site that deals with Fiero re-bodies or Cobras, etc. Also, I find nothing more aggravating than broken links, so if you find any here, please let me know and I'll remove or correct them. Thanks.

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